our beers

Altstadt’s premium German-style beers are carefully made using only four ingredients:
hops, barley, yeast and artesian spring water, guided by the German beer purity laws of 1516.
Beer nerd? Click here to read all about German purity laws of 1516.

Find Altstadt where local beers are sold throughout Austin, San Antonio, College Station, Corpus Christi & Waco, Texas.


Rich and malty, brewed with caramel and darker malts that create its amber color. Using authentic Altbier yeast imported from Germany, Alt provides subtle toffee notes on the nose and finishes.


A German-style brew that originates from the town of Cologne. Light in color and known for its clean, crisp flavor that finishes with a subtle hop aroma. A perfect blend of hops and malt.


Our Lager is a noticeably malty yet light and clean-finishing beer that is perfectly balanced by its imported Noble hops grown in Hallertau and cold fermenting yeast from Weihenstephan, Germany.