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Born in germany. perfected in texas.

Altstadt Brewery is an authentic, German-style brewery dedicated to creating the purest, easy-drinking beers guided by the historic German Purity Law and 500 years of Bavarian tradition.

Located in Fredericksburg, Texas, Altstadt Brewery will celebrate its grand opening in Spring 2018. Once complete, Altstadt’s Old World-inspired destination brewery will feature a fine dining restaurant, brewery tours and beer tastings, as well as beautiful indoor and outdoor venue spaces perfect for a Texas Hill Country wedding or corporate event.


No Impurities.  No Regrets.



LAGER is a light, friendly, malt centric beverage that features noble hops, just enough to balance its maltiness. A beer brewed with the finest German malts, hops from Munich’s neighboring Hallertau growing region and a cold fermenting yeast from Weihenstephan. The yeast is so good, we are keeping it here - leaving you with a clear, clean, refreshing beverage to enjoy.

KOLSCH originated from the German town of Cologne. This lightly colored beer is known for its clean flavor, finishing with a subtle hop aroma. This is not your every day hop bomb, it is more a kiss of hops at the end, a crisp, refreshing all day beverage. Brewed with German malts, German yeast and “select” German hops, Altstadt Brewery is aiming high to compare itself to the finest beers Cologne is offering. We just do it here, in Texas.

ALT is a classic top-fermenting Altbier yeast strain kept at traditional cold temperatures. Alt is brewed with selected caramel and darker malts that lend its beautiful amber color tones. Fine aroma hops are added also.  Alt is brewed with an authentic Altbier yeast from Germany which includes hand-selected exceptional malts and hops. Also included are delightful and delicate toffee notes upfront which pleasantly linger on the palate for just a bit...before a light aromatic but smooth finish leaves you thirsting for more.

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Altstadt is one of the few remaining breweries that still adheres to the German Purity Laws of 1516, which states that only four basic ingredients can be included in the production of any German beer: ­ Water, Hops, Malt and Yeast.  No corn or rice, sugars or preservative and no artificial flavors or additives of any kind. Altstadt is brewed using the strictest purity and sustainability standards. 

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No Impurities. No Regrets.

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