More than a brewery.
Fredericksburg, Texas


A German-style brew that originates from the town of Cologne. Light in color and known for its clean, crisp flavor that finishes with a subtle hop aroma. A perfect blend of hops and malt.

ABV 4.8%

Cheese Pairing Ideas:
French Comte (made from unpasteurized cow’s milk in a region of Eastern France) is creamy and peppery, pairing perfectly with the peppery, floral hops in a Kolsch.

Food Pairing Ideas:
Bring out the flavors in a fresh pear salad while enjoying the light fruity tastes of this delicate beer style. Or, complement its bread-like flavors while cleansing the palate with carbonation between bites of your favorite flatbread or pizza.

Light: Gold, Best in Category- 2019 Aro Rojo International Beer Competition

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