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Altstadt Brewery To Open Summer 2018 Adds Altbier to its Lineup

FREDERICKSBURG, Texas (Nov. 8, 2017 ) — Altstadt Brewery, a Central Texas-based maker of authentic traditional German-style beers that are brewed using only four premium ingredients, today announces the availability of Altstadt Altbier. Available now on draft throughout Altstadt’s distribution territory, Altbier (4.8% ABV) is the third beer to join the brand’s lineup during its inaugural year of production.

Altstadt Brewery is an authentic Old World German-style destination brewery dedicated to making the purest, easy-drinking beers guided by the German beer purity laws of 1516. Opening in summer 2018, Altstadt Brewery is located in the historic German settlement town of Fredericksburg, Texas, Altstadt’s beers are brewed using only four premium ingredients – hops, malt, and yeast imported from Germany and artesian spring water. First released in April 2017, Altstadt’s lineup of year-round beers – Altbier, Kölsch and Lager – can be found throughout Central Texas including the Austin, San Antonio, College Station and Waco markets. For more information, visit altstadtbeer.com.

Similarly to Altstadt’s Kölsch and Lager beers, Altbier is brewed in accordance to the historic 16th century German beer purity laws and is made using only German hops, barley and yeast, and artesian deep well water from the Altstadt Brewery located in the historic German settlement town of Fredericksburg, Texas

“Each Altstadt beer is brewed to be the most authentic representation of its style that you can find outside of Germany. For the Altbier, that meant importing authentic Altbier ingredients from Germany and treating our water to match the Düsseldorf region’s pH levels and mineral content,” said Peter Köstler, brewmaster at Altstadt Brewery. Köstler, a native German, holds a Masters of Science in Brewing and Beverage Technology from the Technical University of Munich in Weihenstephan. “Our Altbier finds a great balance between the rich, caramel flavor and toffee notes from the malt. Even though it is our darkest beer, Altstadt’s purity standards give it a clean, easy-to-drink finish.”

“We’re very proud of what we are building here in Fredericksburg, Texas. Altstadt combines traditional Bavarian brewing practices with innovative, modern technology,” said William Scripps Jr., vice president and general manager of Altstadt Brewery. “When someone tours Altstadt, they’ll find an authentic German brewery with equipment that would typically be found at a larger, national brewing company.”

Slated for a summer 2018 grand opening , Altstadt’s Old World-inspired 100-acre destination brewery will also feature a fine dining restaurant, biergarten and elegant wedding and event spaces.

Altstadt Brewery’s products are currently distributed throughout Central Texas markets including Austin, College Station, San Antonio and Waco.


Altstadt’s strive for German authenticity extends beyond ingredients and into the equipment selected for its, which features two hand-picked brewing systems imported from Germany including the nation’s only copper plated Rolec automated brewhouse. The latest Rolec brewing technology, utilized for its ability to consistently brew the brand’s mainstay beers, is accompanied by a 1940’s Kaspar Schulz brewhouse for Köstler to hand craft the brewery’s limited releases.

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